Well it has been some time since a blog, and there has been so much happening that could have been put down to bore you the poor reader! So I am sincerely sorry for ignoring you for so long now.

Perhaps at this stage I just jot a few words down about last night, then maybe head off, as I am feeling the need for much navel gazing this evening.

So to talk about last night, one must first wind the clock back 12 months, to a distant time when Marion Cinemas were screening every night of Le Tour, and I took the opportunity to head allllll the way down there, from allllll the way out Norf! Well wouldn’t you know it, I now live half an hour closer, and they didn’t do it this year!!! Massive grr fest!

Well one of the guys from AC was not happy about this situation, so set about finding somewhere that would screen it for us, and he came across the Mercury Cinemas, 13 Morphett St Adelaide, who for a nominal fee, would screen it for us, and open the bar also!! Noice. So, $20 per person, and we got to sit in comfortable seats, amidst a whole lot of other cycling fans and friends, and watch Le Tour on the massive screen! Great fun indeed.

Some tool decided at one point that he needed to liven proceedings up a bit, as the cinema was ours for the evening, and really, we were able to make all of the noise that we wanted to. So a little like Felix, I reached in to my bag of tricks, and dragged out a couple of flying Monkees! These are great fun, their little arms are basically rubber bands, and you send them flying like a slingshot process, and sometimes they will scream as they are flying, but they will always scream when they land!

Well this was an absolute laugh for the rat bag pack in the back row, and quite a number of the audience were also getting in to it. Sadly though, we had one Captain Funtimes, who obviously came out to concentrate solely on the race, and not have any fun at all! He grabbed one of the Monkees that may have struck him, and through it to the front of the theatre, turned to the rat bags, unleashed a torrent of who knows what whilst raising his finger at us! Let the good times roll my friend! Not.

Still, as long as the rest of us were laughing, who cares really?

This is a fantastic way to watch Le Tour, (minus Captain Funtimes of course), as everyone gets in to the race, and there is cheering and clapping and quite a few funny comments flying about too!

I sincerely hope that the Mercury enjoyed doing this for us this year, and provide us with the same opportunity next year!

Oh, and the Flying Monkees that were released into the wild? Well, they have gone on to new homes now, and I hope that the new owners, whoever you may be, (please, just not Captain Funtimes!), get some giggles from them! I know I do!!!!

Roger relaxing after spanking his Monkee...