Evil Monkeys fall from trees (old Japanese saying), Smudge Monkees fall from bikes (hurts like hell!)

So come on, seriously, what is not to love about a weekend where there is very little work to be done, and a selection of bikes in the shed, all vying for attention, and all wanting to be ridden!

This weekend was rather full on, as they all tend to be of late. After a week of crunching numbers, and putting in the hard yards, I decided that Friday should live up to the name of POETS Day, so left the office at about 4:30, keen to start another awesome weekend.

Friday night started with tapas for dinner in the City with a great friend, a nice relaxed evening, some great food, some nice wine, and lots of much needed laughs for both of us at this current time. Seems like there are a number of us in the community all going through similar situations, and all needing good friends to help us on the next steps of our journeys.

Saturday saw me keen as mustard for a ride, so I gave Sarah a call, and we grabbed our fixies and decided that given the changing weather conditions, and the fact that Sarah was racing Sunday, we’d keep it as a smallish run, and head to the coast for a coffee. I took Sarah on a small detour first, and stopped off at the memorial bench that Dad and I had installed near where Mum had died. After a brief chat there, we jumped back on our bikes, excited to be out playing on fixies again, and headed off to Henley, well, so we thought!

We hadn’t gone too far really, just down in to the West Beach area, when descending a very slight decline, my brakes that I was applying gently to slow me down, suddenly grabbed. The front wheel turned in sharply to the right, and the next thing I knew, the asphalt path was rushing up to embrace me. It must have looked a magnificent stack, but sadly, the incident itself was without spectators. Fortunately when I went down, Sarah was ahead of me, if she was behind, I am sure I would have brought her down too.

So I recall landing very heavily on my right hand side, my head bouncing off of the pavement, and my shoulders and quads basically taking the rest of the impact. The result being that I now have one smashed helmet requiring replacement with a significant crack and impact damage. My shoulder is extremely sore still, as is my leg. Thankfully Sarah is an exceptional nurse, and took immediate charge which is what I really needed! I of course let loose with a few profanities given the sudden shock of the incident, and the fact that this is the first time it has ever happened to me! Well, I have been hit a number of times by cars, but have never dropped a bike in this way!

I think that this fall hurt me more than getting hit by cars! At least with the last car that hit me, I managed to take out their radiator with my bike, and do some damage to their bonnet as I bounced across it and in to the gutter. This time, the impact was straight on to asphalt! I must request all future bike paths be made of softer asphalt! I think that the impact gave me a bit of a shock, as when I tried to stand, the head went all woozy, the colour drained right out of me, and the vision blurred over. So how the hell do these pro cyclists smash themselves up the way they do, then jump back on to the bike straight away!

I know that I have a few years on the majority of the peleton, plus a few more kilos than the average pro cyclists, but it really does hurt! I was mucking around with another friend, and we have been wondering how we can come up with a term that has the same significance as manflu, that virus that hits us blokes harder than a rugby full back, and almost kills us in the process.

Saturday night, after Sarah had finished doing her nursey bit and ensuring that my abrasions were properly treated and bandaged, and that I had the right pain meds, order of the night was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1. This was because next Saturday night, I am off to see Deathly Hollows Part 2, so needed to find out what part 1 was all about first!

Sunday has all been about recovery. Getting in and out of bed, and getting comfortable was quite the challenge, so after an early breakfast, I crawled back in to bed and slept until 11!! I don’t think I have done that since I was a teenager! Felt good though, to just let the body rest and recover.

I had slept through a number of messages on the phone, one of which was from my sister Belinda, so we caught up for a lunch at Cafe de Vilis. I love a good pie and a cream bun, and Vili has never let me down yet! Poor Belinda though, suffering still from a chest infection and therefore a reduced diet, had to just sit and watch as I ate my honey stick, as she did not have room for a cake after a pasty! Felt very sad for her as I hoovered mine down!!

Had a nice afternoon just catching up and chatting, which is always great, and extremely relaxing and therapeutic for both of us. I dropped in to a chemist on the way home, so I could stock up on some more painkillers. So after a snack of panadeine, nurofen and rubbing in some Voltaren, starting to feel just slightly less pained! Lets see what tomorrrow brings, and how much it all still hurts by morning!

Just a teaspoon of concrete is all I need!

Keep the rubber side down, (exactly what I forgot to do!),