Three Mark's, must be a full hand, surely?

Three Mark’s, must be a full hand, surely?

I was looking through one of the cycling apparel online stores, A’qto:Cycle Inspired Lifestyle, and I noticed that they had just formed a partnership with Mark Renshaw, to start a new line called “Renshaw Racing”. At the moment, there are only three t-shirts in the line, but there will be a lot more to come we hope. I had been chasing a blue t-shirt from another supplier, so when I saw the RR t in the blue I was chasing, I had to grab it straight away. Turns out Reidy was on to them as well, and the one that took his fancy was the RR t, which made us the first in Adelaide to have the Renshaw Racing branded t’s.

Turns out they had a competition going at the same time, giving two customers the chance to meet Mark Renshaw at the Hilton, and get to have a chat with him. Awesome! Turned out that Reidy and I were those two lucky customers! We kind of thought that given that it’s TDU time, and they have some serious racing going on, we would get to catch up for a little while, Mark would drop by, say thanks for buying my t-shirts, and head back to his Blanco duties.

Instead of that, we actually got to spend about an hour with Mark, and at some stages he must have felt like he was being interrogated by us! We found ourselves quite often leaning in towards him, asking more and more questions, and him sharing absolutely everything with us, openly and honestly. We spoke about his role in the Blanco team, Browny and what he had to offer the team, Jack, and some of his experiences, and we even spoke about Strava, and the fact that there is a young gun in his hometown who is turning out to be pretty handy on a bike too, and the two of them are continually heading out to break each others records!

He shared with us his thoughts of what roles he may have in the Tours coming up, about the diet required for riding in a Tour, and that nowadays in a Tour, you can actually finish the Tour heavier than you started! He leads a pretty good lifestyle, spends about three months home in Australia, and the rest of the year back in Europe racing. He said it’s funny, towards the end of his time in Australia, he is itching to get back to Europe, and then close to the end of the year, he is itching to come back to Australia!

We then got on to his line of Renshaw Racing, and the partnership he has with A’qto, and where the brand will be going from here. At the moment, it’s still a very new project for him, so they are taking it pretty steady at the moment, with Mark having a lot of input into the designs of the current three shirts. We’re waiting in the sidelines now, to see what will happen next with the t-shirts, and are hoping that not only will more be added to the range, but they will extend the range into cycling gear as well.

The quality of the shirts is excellent, and the fit is perfect, something that A’qto is proud of with all of their garments. When I saw that they had released a new limited number of t-shirts with a dragster on them, it was a pretty simple decision that I just had to get one of those too! At the moment, most of their garments seem to be aimed at guys, so we have been in touch, and fired some suggestions to them about expanding the range to include women’s cut garments too, but to also remember that when they do, just because it is a women’s range, it does not mean that it has to be pink or florally!

We got on really well with the team from A’qto, and are looking forward to more fun with them in the future, especially at next years TDU, where we are hoping to join forces for a combined event in McLaren Vale, but it is early stages yet, and much planning will be required for this. There are a few more items from the current A’qto range that I still want to get, but I just needed to get through the TDU first, before I damage the wallet even further! (So I may have just happened to have bought another new bike too, but I needed it!!!)

Keep the rubber side down,


Dragster Racing!

Dragster Racing!