Amazing how fast this second event has come up, it hardly seems like a couple of weeks since we rode our last one!

We thought this time we needed to tackle it differently, as there were teams taking this event very seriously, so we decided that we should too. Five of the team caught up for an afternoon, of gourmet eating, strategising and bonding, sadly the other members of the team could not make it, due to other commitments, but I am sure we will catch up again soon. After much eating and several fine wines, it was finally decided that we would ride our bikes, and keep the rubber side down. A great strategy that we stuck to for the whole race I am proud to say.

We have decided to stick with the two lap option, as this seems to be just enough for us to race at this stage, and ends up being somewhere around 45km each race. The course at Williamstown is beautiful, with some lovely climbs, followed by some awesome descents, easily the best part of a climb! We did have a serious plan of attack for this race, which was to continue our fun of battling with the Central’s team, which sadly was not in the same format today. The team of about our own ages had been replaced by a team of kids! So change of plan was required, and we reverted to the original one of ride our bikes and have fun!

Milling around and chatting at the start line, we decided that there were a few teams we wanted to be able to catch out on the course, so we really did have a target to aim for, and surprisingly, we pretty much managed to catch all of the ones we intended to! The start line gives you a very small climb to get going, then a beautiful long gradual decline out to Lyndoch, where the turn takes you into a small climb, just to get the legs ready for the Whispering Wall climb. The Whispering Wall climb is not a bad one at all, it pretty much has two halves, meaning a climb, flattens out, then climb again. It lets you spin a bit, and recover your breath, but once you crest it, there’s a lovely downhill to recover on.

The road back into Williamstown again is another beautiful ride, with just some gentle undulations to let you know that you aren’t riding on the flat today kids! The second lap was great. Our legs had warmed up, and the team was loving the ride, you could tell this from the size of the smiles on their faces! Methinks if they can smile that much, I can’t be pushing them hard enough still, or like me, they really do love this sh!t too! (Personally, I think it’s the latter!) Our second climb went really well, including the wall, with no-one waiting too long for any other team member. It was great to see so many of the stronger teams also doing the good domestique thing, and help their team mates up the hills. Some teams were riding three abreast when overtaking, as they actually had two riders supporting their riders who weren’t as strong on the climbs. That’s when you know you have a great team, when the stronger help support the while team, not just riding for themselves, in a team.

The last lap was a corker, especially about the last 10km. We had been overtaken by a ute and trailer, which sadly for us got caught up behind another team who were having some fitness issues, which meant we got caught up behind the trailer with nowhere to go! Shortly after, other teams also started building up behind the trailer, so we had to yell out to the boys in front to move over and allow the trailer to pass, as it was getting too messy back there! This is probably what stopped us from passing the one more team that we wanted to pass, but there will always be next time! Who knows who might be racing with us then, and what kit we might be in?

Today’s team was Sean, Juz, Matthew, Ina, Sarah and myself riding, with Sonya taking some awesome photos for us, and Harriet decked out in team kit as our mascot. Chris was racing in the hills, Reidy was on family duties, and Liam was on birthday recovery! We still have a couple of more riders keen to join in with us, so here’s hoping that the timing of the next event allows them to join in and have some fun as well.

Massive thanks to Sonya for the awesome photos and dog-sitting, Capilano Honey for the Shotz, as well as a big box of the new 10g Shotz for everyone at the Sportif, Chamois Butt’r and Sukkie Hydration.

We love this sh!t!!

Keep the rubber side down,


Sharing the Honey Shotz love with the other Sportif Teams at the sign in desk. All were gone in no time!

Sharing the Honey Shotz love with the other Sportif Teams at the sign in desk. All were gone in no time!

Hmm, anyone know a good seamstress to adjust Harriet's jersey for us?

Hmm, anyone know a good seamstress to adjust Harriet’s jersey for us?


Ahh, what can be more fun than cycling through the hills with friends?


The perfect paceline. One straight line of five riders holding the lead riders wheel. Pure poetry in motion.