Hmm, have thought about waxing options, but not sure I could put the beautician through it!!

Ride On

It sneaks up on you, this road-riding thing. One day you’re content zipping around on your commuter or thrashing your mountain bike, and the next you’re invited on your first bunch ride, shoe-horning yourself into bib-knicks, inventing justifications for the next bike
purchase and downloading Strava.

It’s a journey defined by physical and psychological milestones. Like the moment you look at your legs rippling with freshly defined muscles straining against the bands of your bike shorts, and instead of pride, you feel your lip curl and a quiver of revulsion…all you can see is hair, hair, everywhere.

Cyclists began stripping their legs of hair over a century ago, in some of the very first bike races. It’s now such a common thing that the bald, wizened legs of a ‘serious cyclist’ have lost their ability to shock polite society; we’re just that accustomed to seeing people dressed like Cirque du Soleil refugees spinning through our streets.

There are, of course, sound reasons behind the practice. For professionals, long hours in the saddle are…

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