Wow! Who remembers this ride from a few years ago, the Cancer Council Fathers Day Ride? It ran for a couple of years, until the funding was pulled from this project, and redirected into the Tour Down Under Challenge Ride and associated events at the TDU.

I am thinking of putting together a proposal to kick it in to gear again next year. Maybe not specifically for the Cancer Council this time, but possibly for Beyond Blue or for the newly opened Livestrong Centre at Flinders. The original event was designed more for the serious road rider, and we took off up into the hills from Greenhill Road. I think I would much prefer to do something a little more like the Gear Up Girl Ride, and give people more options.

Not everyone always wants to ride the hills, and on fathers Day, some may even prefer to do a smaller ride with their families, but still know that they are making a difference. As it stands currently, I am thinking three options for rides, with all of them starting at Elder park.

Option 1 would have to be the family friendly along the River Torrens Bike Path, heading to the coast and back. The second option would be head to Glenelg, then Outer Harbour and back in to the City, and the third option would have to of course be the hills, with possibly Norton Summit being included. All early thoughts at this stage, but if I start thinking about it soon, I may be able to get some of the financial backing required to put it on, with the biggest expense I believe being the insurance required!!

Defintely needs more thinking and planning I feel. If you have any thoughts on it, get in touch,

Wow, this was back when we used to have a ride on Fathers Day!