I don’t understand it??

Does everyone remember when Cell Bikes had a sale on the Cygolite, and we all went so hard at the sale, that they actually ran out, and had to get more in? Well I was one of those who bought the light on sale, and loved it. It was bright, had an even brighter mode, and also had a strobe mode that would send rabbits into an epileptic fit at twenty paces. It had an awesome bar mount that could be adjusted, and clamp on to pretty much any bar diameter, and hold fast, no matter what bumps you went over. It was a USB rechargeable, and of course on the high beam mode, used to chew through the battery pretty well, but heck, get home, recharge it again, and you were good to go.

Well when we went to Tasmania to visit Sarah’s sister, as we were leaving, I gave her my Cygo, cos lets face it, Tassie is a pretty cold dark place, well, it was when we were there anyway! She was wrapped, as it could fit onto her bike easily, was so much brighter than what she had, and lit up everywhere that she wanted to go! Awesome, one happy lady. I had planned on replacing it with another Cygo when they came out on sale again, but when they did, the Niterider 350 was also on sale at the same time, and only a fraction dearer.

As I had never used a Niterider before, I thought why not give it a go! So the light was delivered, and there were a number of immediate differences, this unit was heavier than the Cygo, and a little larger too. When I charged it up and turned it on though, the next difference was amazing, it was even brighter than the Cygo. When I put this one in to strobe mode, just the reflection off the wall was enough to send the dog into spasms! This thing was bright!! So then the fun part came, the road test.

Hmm, this is where the massive difference between the two units became even more apparent. The Cygo has a nice clamping mechanism, that is adjustable, and locks on to any bar, and came complete with several different sized rubber shimmies. The Niterider, not so much. This holds on to the bar by squeezing together, and comes with the one stock rubber shimmy. Nor is it very forgiving with different bar widths. This means that on the Leggera, using the rubber supplied, it would clamp on to the bar, with only one click in place. Hmm, sort of felt ok, and squeeze as I might, I could not get any more tightness out of it. Frustrated, I went for a bit of a ride.

Wow, what a light, it really is impressive on the road, lights it up beautifully, lets you see everything that is in front of you, lets motorists know you are heading their way. Two abreast, I think they’d think that a car was heading towards them. It held ok for a while, and then I went over same rail lines at pace, and there went the light. Thankfully, it is a sturdy unit, and there were no cars behind me to run over it, so I backtracked, retrieved it, and tried to mount it again. Same issue, one click to hold it in place, which I thought will not do of course, as it will fall again. So I removed the rubber, turned it sideways, and clamped again, this time getting more bite, but not holding as firm.

Instead of falling off, this time when I took off, every time I went over a bump, the light on its mount, would point lower and lower, so I pretty much had to ride the entire way readjusting the light position. I tried several times to use various thicknesses of rubber, but was still not entirley satisfied with it, so I decided to get in touch with the manufacturers.

They were awesome, seems I am not the only numpty to have had trouble with the original clamp, and they promised to send me the new improved bar mount! Coming from the States, it took some time to get here, but when it did, the improvements were immediately noticeable. The new clamp is one of the best I have used now, locks the light onto any of my bikes bars, then also screws up tighter to hold it without any movement. In fact, you can make it so secure now that you have to back it off to readjust the angle. Awesome.

One very happy cyclist now, with a light that is far brighter than the Cygo, has a battery life that outlasts the Cygo, and fixes rabbits with its beam from 100 meters away! If I needed another light in this price range and style, which would I pick? It would have to be the NiteRider with the new clamp, hands down.

The clamp on the left is the original clamp supplied that came with the light, that could only be squeezed together, and hope that the “teeth” had enough bite to hold it tight. The clamp on the right is the new one, that has a screw that locks into the clamp, and can then be screwed tighter to hold is fast.