Makes you wonder what the poor people are doing on a day like this.

What an absolutely perfect day we had for riding in Adelaide on Sunday, it was slightly overcast, cool without being freezing, and dry, no rain. Now this can be seen as a good thing in Winter, in that we stayed dry, or a bad thing, in that the grime from the ride we did several weeks ago is still on our bikes. Yes, we need to spend some time in the bikecave, and do some basic maintenance, but that would require spending some time at home!

We had agreed to meet Matt and Paul at the Buffalo, and that the four of us would ride from Glenelg to Outer Harbour, turn around, and stop off for a coffee somewhere. Sarah and I had a few minutes up our sleeves before Matt and Paul arrived, and I was about to take a photo of the Marina and the reflections, whenSarah sat at the wharf, making it an ideal shot. The reason I think for the slight slump in her shoulders is that at the time she was wearing her Bottecchia gillett, which I said would never do for the photo, and she would have to take it off.

I had previously bought a Doppio for her when I bought mine, but the only smaller size left in the world was a small, which was just that little too snug, so we gave it to a friend as her first piece of Cervo Rosso kit. (That reminds me Sarah, do we have another order to place for her?) Sorry babe, if they get released again next year, your order is in already!

We had an awesome ride down to Outer Harbour, the four of us rolling along pretty well, and having the casual chat as you do on these rides. On Military Road, we caught up to another couple of guys out for a spin, so rode their wheels for a while, letting them do the work into the breeze that Sarah and I had been doing. We decided when the wind got that bit stiffer that it was time for Sarah and I to have a turn in front, and give these guys a break.

I think they rode a little way with us, I’m not really sure, but Sarah pulled my reins in, as apparently I had stepped up the pace that little bit too much, and her asthma was making breathing that little bit tricky for her. I looked behind then only to find that the two guys had dropped right back, apparently preferring to ride at a much gentler pace than I had our quartet moving at!

The turn around at Outer Harbour offered us no reprieve from the breeze, and the chill from the coast really had Sarah’s asthma flaring up, so she passed on her coffee order to Matt, and dropped off the back to ride at a more relaxed and breathable pace. The three of us guys pushed on in to Semaphore, keen to be first to the coffee shop! It was a bit of fun picking the pace up as we did, and all of us working hard into the wind. Maybe if we had worked together smarter, we would have got there faster, as it turned into a bit of a free for all, with each of us pushing at our own pace, and each of us pushing the others to ride that bit harder!

The coffee and muffin were of the usual standard for Whipped, our current favourite coffee stop at Semaphore, bloody magnificent! Sarah and I had to part company with Matt and Paul after coffee, as we had more adventures afoot for our day down South, but we look forward to riding with both of them again soon!

Keep the rubber side down,