The Monkees were presented with a fantastic opportunity recently by a friend who owns a bus, and wants to set up a new bicycle touring business. Grab some friends, grab our bikes, and he will take us anywhere we wanted to go, and we could ride back. Well loving Victor Harbor, and having ridden there and back many times before, Victor had to be the destination!

Jeff Petherick has been running Timeless Lands Adventures for some time now, and was our support vehicle driver when we rode Melbourne to Adelaide in 2011, so he knows cycling, and is a very patient man with cyclists! Jeff’s idea for transporting bikes was motivated by the roof rack system on many vehicles, where the front wheel is removed and clamped into place on the rack, and the rear wheel is strapped into location. He has designed and constructed it all imself, and it is ideally suited to standard road bikes, and can accommodate 13 of them on the roof of the trailer. If your preference was for mountain bikes, well there is a chance that it could not carry 13 at once, well, not without releasing the steerer, and allowing the bars to turn 90 degrees.

There is also opportunity that a couple of other bikes could be boxed up, and put inside the trailer, but this of course depends on how much other stuff you are taking with you! Jeff has even gone to the extent of purchasing wheel bags, and numbering them all, so that everyone knows which wheels were theirs at the start of the ride. He also has a large esky in the trailer, just in case you wanted to take some drinks or food with you.

We kept a careful eye on our bikes on the drive down to Victor, and we were all extremely pleased that no matter what the road and traffic conditions were like, our bikes did not move. They all stayed exactly where they had been placed when we loaded up. After putting wheels back on bikes again, and a quick bathroom break for the more nervous amongst us, it was time to grab some coffee and breakfast. In fact, this whole ride felt like some crazy Tour de Breakfast ride, and by the time we all got home, I think we were all still on caffeine highs!

It was fortunate for me that Sarah had been working nightshift the weekend of this ride, so I had already said I would spend a day out on my bike, but I really did not think that it would take as long to ride back as it did! We pretty much broke into three groups, with Matthew, Tim and Alastair basically working together as one group, Juz riding pretty much on her own, and Bianca, Robert and myself as Lanterne Rouge.

We had to be extremely proud of both Bianca and Robert, as today was to be the longest, biggest, toughest ride that either of these have ever achieved, so it was awesome to be a part of their experience. Sadly though, we had to leave Bianca at Hahndorf, as she was unable to continue, and Robert withdrew at Hahndorf. These two did really well, and there were only a few occasion where I had to push them up the hills, but that just means I get the bonus exercise of pedalling for two!

I am already thinking about how we can use Jeff and his services again. He will help me out if I decide to run another charity bike ride, and there are a few tour ideas running around in my mind again, as well as thinking of organising something for the Tour Down Under 2012.

If you are coming to Adelaide, and you want to get out of the suburbs for some fun riding, get in touch with Jeff, and I am sure he will look after you, as well as he did look after us.

Keep the rubber side down.



Matthew just making sure the bikes are all secured.


Tim just making sure no-one is left hiding on the bus!


Campy wheel bags and a nice big esky for your refreshment needs!


A close up, just in case you could not quite read it from on the side of the bus!