Sukkie Hydration (with dental protection)

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Well the Monkees are finding themselves with a few minutes to spare again, so it’s time to pump out another product review, this one on a sports drink for something a little different! And a sports drink that is a little different!

Now I must admit, I have never really thought much about sports drinks, and combining dental protection with them, and because I ain’t got me much book learnin’, I’m not sure how it achieves this goal! Ok, well, I should clarify, I know that the drink mix is made with less acids, and has calcium added to help strengthen your teeth, but Smudge Monkee Laboratories have not conducted any chemical tests on it, just field tests, where it really matters!

I first heard about Sukkie when I was on Twitter well over a year ago, and had a brief look online at the product, but apart from keeping in touch with Leon occasionally, I had not sampled the product. This all changed back in August, when I found out that a couple of guys riding from Perth to Wentworth had their sports drink sponsor pull out on them last minute, so I put out an urgent request for some assistance for these guys.

Leon was on to me straight away, and offered to send 2 cartons of Sukkie Hydration across to me for the team. Well this would have been ok, but Monkee Central is in Adelaide, and these guys were leaving from Perth! No worries says Leon, I’ll express deliver it to WA for them, name a town they can collect it from, and I’ll get it to them! How awesome is that? So a carton of Berry and a carton of Lemon was sent to WA on some of the fastest carrier pigeons known! This support was of immense benefit to this team, who were carrying water with them, but really did need that bit extra to add to their water to help with their hydration.

There were a few containers left after the ride which found their way back to Monkee Central, where I took the opportunity to both sample it myself, and also share the Sukkie love with some other people. I met up with a guy who had entered the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge, now this guy was fairly new to cycling, and had spent quite a bit getting a bike to ride the challenge on, plus kit, so was looking for some support from the Monkees. So I set him up with a tub of Berry, a tub of Lemon, enough sachets of Chamois Butt’r for the event, and a complete cycling toolkit.

When he returned, he gave me his ride report, which was awesome to get. Out of all of the riders, he was the only one who did not suffer from saddle sores, and had no problems out all with hydration, whilst some others had been hitting Struggletown with the conditions. I guess the fact that he returned from a five day desert challenge with only half a container of Lemon left gave an indication of which he preferred, it was Berry all the way for him.

At the City Bay this year, one of the girls running with us had not prepared properly for the run, and found herself massively dehydrated by the end of the run, but we did not realise how bad at the time. It was only when we were in the City when she was collapsing and being desperately ill, that we realised how bad she was! We got her back to a friends house, where fortunately I had my cycling bag. Of course in this just happened to be some Sukkie, so we mixed up a massive glass of the Lemon for her. One of the girls is a nurse, and she was actually thinking that we may need to even canulate this girl to get more fluids in to her.

But we monitored, roused her every 30 minutes or so, and got more Lemon into her. Within a couple of hours, she was able to get up off the lounge, and then with some more Lemon, she even managed to join us out on the back verandah! (Though sadly for her, whilst we were celebrating with drinks of a frothier variety, she maintained her regime of Sukkie.) Within another hour or so, she was pretty much back to her normal self. Now I know that this is only anecdotal, and we did not do any specific tests on her, but it was the Sukkie Lemon drink that did get her rehydrated.

Now, for the Monkees point of view on Sukkie. Well, I make no bones about it, I have tried lots of different drink formulas, and prepared sports drinks. Some of them have been fantastic, like Shotz and Zero which are great little tablets to take on a ride with you, but Sukkie has become my preferred drink powder. Like Konrad who did the desert challenge though, the Berry flavour is my favourite, it does have a stronger flavour than the lemon, and it could just be that my tastes do prefer the Berry flavours!

I used it when racing, and have used it on some hard rides, and always found myself well hydrated at the end of the rides.  The other week after mucking around on choppers, I found myself quite dehydrated, as it was not a bike that I could carry much drink on. When I got home, I downed some Sukkie Lemon, (yep, I’d run out of Berry), and found myself improving rapidly.

So, the short shot is, it works. Well, the hydrating part does, I still don’t know about the dental protection part!!

The downsides, and sadly, there are a couple. I am using small Shotz bidons that don’t have a big opening, so I tend to use my own spoon for putting the powder in them, and the lemon flavour can be a little bit, well, mild?, light? But once you get used to it, it really is quite nice. First world problems huh?

So thirsty.........