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Capilano have recently been running a number of promotional campaigns for their latest product, Honey Shotz. This product is being offered by the hundreds to riders who register online with them, as free trials for the rider, and or the club they belong to. This is great value, as the box of 50 sells for about $19.00, and they are just giving them away for us to try!

As the luck of the Monkees goes, I received a carton of Honey Shotz too. These are small, 7 gram, sachets of pure honey, that are easy to consume, as the honey can simply be squeezed into the mouth, and does not leak like some gels can when you open them or consume them. This means no sticky fingers to try and wipe off on your kit or bar tape! Also, being honey, unlike some gels, you do not need to drink huge amounts of water to get them into the system, they are simply honey.

Because they are honey and not sugar, they are so much easier for the body to break down, and being honey, they are rich in carbohydrates and glucose. If you want to read some studies on the benefits of honey and sports, check out their website, they have published a study that was done on there.

I took some out to the Vets racing, and also took some along to the Cyclo Sportif event, and left a massive amount for the Vets to try for themselves. There are some distinct advantages to the Honey Shotz. The price is quite good for 100 units, they are easy to consume by folding them in half, they are clean to eat, and you do not need to wash them down with a bidon of water.

Sadly, there is a down side to them, albeit only a very minor one. Unlike gels etc, which are measured amounts to provide maximum benefit to the user, these are only 7 grams, which means when you feel the need for some assist, you really have to grab a handful of them to provide any benefit. All this means is that instead of popping one gel, you may need to pop as many as five Honey Shotz for similar benefit. As I said, it is only a minor issue, but it is one that Capilano may like to follow up on a bit further?

There is no doubt that they seem to work, and you really can not argue with the awesome taste of honey, but I wonder if the size of the packet could be increased? Even if they were only made to 10 or 15 gram sachets, this would reduce the number you have to pop, which also means less rubbish to get rid of either on the road, or from your jersey pocket.

If you like honey the taste of honey as much as I do, I would definitely recommend you try these out on your rides, I will continue to test out the last few, if I have many left by the time I ride again, as I often find myself slamming one through the day, just for the taste and quick energy boost they give!

Drop by their site by clicking on the image below, and you might still be able to sign on to test some out yourself!

Honey Shotz

Keep the rubber side down,