I love this shit!

This was the first day off the bike for a few days for most of us, and for some strange reason, Sarah feels an overwhelming compulsion to be as active as possible every day, so today even after smashing out all of those kilometers was to be no different for her. As the bikes were all securely locked to the roof of the car, the only other option she had was a run. For whatever ridiculous reason, I decided that I would join her, so after a wake up call at ridiculous o’clock, I donned my running gear, and off we set for a gallop around Mildura.

It really was an awesome morning for it, and after running the length of the town, we finally found the river, and ran back to the Mecure alongside the river. I think Sarah may have been going easy on me, as I was managing to keep her in sight, but stoped a couple of times with the clever ruse of taking a photo, and disguise the fact that I was beat!

The breakfast at the Mecure was awesome! This would easily have been the best breakfast in a very long time! I smashed a bowl of Cocoa Pops, a tub of yoghurt, triple stack of awesome pancakes with syrup & cream, four slices of raisin toast and a coffee! This was the biggest breakfast I think I have ever eaten, and obviously “needed” it, as I felt so much better after it! If you know Chewy, well, that was a warm up for him of course! He managed to hoover up four packets of Cocoa Pops, a big fried breakfast, bowl of baked beans, maybe eight pieces of toast, then a coffee! That boy is a lean mean eating machine!!

Lunch stop today was back at Peter’s brothers house in renmark, where the family had again laid on a feast and drinks for us, and were all as warm and welcoming as they had been just the day before! Brenton, as I said to you mate, you have an awesome family, great bunch, with great sense of humour and community spirit, and we were all very greatful for their hospitality. I must say, I loved Peter’s set up for his bbq area, very impressive! And the outdoor living area where we ate was perfectly laid out for the weather that they so often enjoy in the Riverland!

Sadly, we had to leave eventually, as we still had a fair drive to get back to Adelaide, and Brad still neeeded to organise a flight back to WA! So after some very warm farewells, and of course more photos, it was time for us to roll out. We had decided to stop at the Waikerie Bakery for some afternoon tea on our way home, but sadly this was closed, so instead we went back to the Bakery at Waikerie! Mmmmm, apricot turnover was good!!!

Our drive home was uneventful, following the same route for most of the way, that we had recently just ridden. The trip back was of course much quicker in the Skoda than the trip out on our bikes, but hell, we all loved that bike ride, and will be doing that again!

Keep the rubber side down,