Hmm, now what have we been up to?

So blogs really are a wonderful thing, but more importantly, if you don’t note it all down straight away, especially on events like this, things tend to blur together, and you can easily become confused! So, going back in time a couple of days…

The night at Blanchetown was awesome, the cabins were very comfy, located down by the river, so instead of hearing the waves from the ocean, we could actually hear the water rushing through the lock! That, and the normal cockies, galahs, and kookaburra’s singing their songs.

Leaving Blanchetwon we had an awesome heart starter, with the massive climb up out from river level, to “normal” level. That was a tough start to the stage. Of course Chewy had to ride it in the big ring, and race Brad to the top. It was kind of like watching Jens and Robbie McEwen battle for a hill climb. Sorry Brad, but Chewy had it all over you mate.

This stage was to Renmark, and again, it was another awesome day of riding, with the team working together extremely well. We had John from the Blanchetown Hotel come down and do some photo work with us, so I will be sending some of these through to Denise from Ride Easy Sports to say thanks!

We seem to have a few mornings where we are running that bit later than we had anticipated, and this of course was another of those days! We were thinking of stopping by at the Waikerie Bakery, even if only to have a brief stop and a photo, but time was not on our side. So instead, we stopped at another bakery in Waikerie, on the Sturt Highway. So whilst not as much fun as the Waikerie Bakery, it was still a bakery in Waikerie!

We had a group of guys from the Riverland Cycling Club join us at Barmera, and worked with us riding through to Berri, and then on to Renmark where they all lived. These were some bloody strong riders, and really smashed us up on the ride, but were a fantastic bunch of blokes, and great to ride with.

The local radio station was doing an outside broadcast at Barmera, so we stopped by there for Brenton to do an interview, and some of us to smash some food from the bakery. We hammered it from Barmera to Berri for our next break, again at the local radio station, and this time Brenton, Brad, Terry & I had a tour of their facility, then Brenton was interviewed by their local DJ.

From Berri it was on to Renmark, where we were met by a number of Brenton’s family, which was really awesome, especially for Brenton of course! This was meant to be the ride end, as it was Brenton’s plan to originally ride just the 3,000km’s which would have got him to his family home of Renmark. The Greater Western Sydney Giants however asked him to finish it in Wentworth instead, which is the outer recruitment area for this team.

We ended up staying at the Renmark Hotel, staying on the second floor, which was really nice, however the elevator was broken, and so we had to carry all of our stuff, and our bikes, up several flights of stairs! Tough after a big day on the bike.

Tea that night was bbq at Brenton’s brother’s paint shop, with altogether too much alcohol, and lots of fantastic laughs with a brilliant and close family, all gathered to support Brenton, and by extension, the rest of us!

It’s all good! I love this shit!!!

Keep the rubber side down,