Push Monkee Boi, push!!

Today saw us riding from Adelaide to Blanchetown, a distance of almost 130km’s, which is not a big ride, but was done at an awesome speed, with an average of just under 36km/h, a max speed for me of about 77km/h down Accommodation Hill, and some more unhappy truckers! Some of these truckies even attempted to run our support vehicles off the road.

But, for five guys working together and rotating every 3km, we were bloody happy with that speed!

Now, for all you Adelaide Cyclists who had the opportunity to join us for the ride out, can I say how bad it was that you could not join us, as with the support vehicles we have, we actually rode down Pt Wakefield Rd to the Gawler Expressway. Then with the vehicles in support, we rode down the NEXY well in the 40’s all the way with the minimal rolling resistance of that awesome piece of road. We did get a few unusual looks of course from motorists, as well as having a Police vehicle drive passed us, but no-one stopped us, so we kept on going!!

Out beyond the outskirts of Gawler we stopped off on the side road leading through to the ACI Factory out there for a brief morning tea break, and thankfully managed to flag down a lunch van, and scored some Iced Coffees to wash down the awesome chocolate brownies that Sarah had made for us. She keeps telling us just how easy they are to make, but personally, I think they would taste much better if she could just deliver them to all her team mates! She’d also made some ginger cake, because Brad does not like sweet things, but he really enjoyed this!

Blanchetown we stayed in the Riverside Cabin Park, in some excellent cabins there, surprisingly enough for the name of the park, along the river side! Amazing how much water is flowing down the Murray now, and high how the actual level is!

The publican at Blanchetown was decent enough to buy us all our first round of drinks when we went there for tea, and looked after us well for the entire night, so much so that the next morning, he came back to the park to take group photos for us! Turns out he is ex professional newspaper person, so the photos he took, and the story he did will appear in one of the local newspapers.

Sarah and Juz turned up later that evening as well, with Sarah coming along to join us for the ride, and Juz coming along to assist with driving the van for us.

Sadly, internet connection was non existent in Blanchetown, given it’s location down by the river, so sadly, these updates are well behind, and on these sort of events, much can be quickly forgotten, and I fear I have!

Keep the rubber side down,