Not more freaking bananas???

Day four! What a day! So as has been said before, we are having trouble getting people to drive some of the vehicles for us, even though one we are offering is a brand new Skoda Octavia SPV! The other vehicle is a Kia van, not as glamorous of course, but highly necessary, as this has the spares and the food and drinks in it. So after many pleas for help, it ended up that one of Sarah’s friends would be free to drive the Skoda for us today, and one of Brenton’s friends would be free to drive the Kia.

Fantastic! Two drivers, yes, massive help. Oh yes, we have to get them to Pt Wakefield though, because that’s where we are, as are the vehicles!! So, darkish o’clock in the morning, Sarah & I say farewell to Chewy, and leave him playing with his wheels, whilst we head back in to Adelaide this time to collect our drivers, and transport them back to Pt Wakefield!

The plan for today was to have as many of us riding in to Skoda as we could, yet still have our Skoda’s and Kia with us, which of course we could not have achieved without Kerry and Craig, so massive thanks to those two guys! The departure time for Wakefield was 10:00am, so we really had to hightail it to town and back, with barely any time to spare.

The roll out today was awesome, we had pretty much a tail wind all of the way to town, which meant the speed was up, but extremely comfortable, with the average again up in the mid 30’s. This speed is so easy to achieve when everyone was working together well, and the riders all paired up reasonably well. This group has been working well together, and no-one gets left behind, and no-one surges ahead, they work for the benefit of the team basically, and not for individual glory!

There will sadly always be a couple of neanderthals in our midst’s whilst we are riding, like the other day the truckie’s offsider leaning out of the window screaming some garbled obscenities at us, to the numpty L plate motorcycle rider who today just carved straight through our peleton, almost taking out Sarah, instead of waiting the 20seconds for us to pass. He had obviously only just collected his dole cheque, and was in some sort of hurry to get it cashed.

We had been planning for to be at the Skoda dealership at 2:30pm, and we would be met by the team at Skoda, and John Platten. As the tail wind was just so amazing though, we ended up hitting the City quite early, which is always a better plan when being on bikes, rather than being late & trying to make up time!

The team at Skoda was awesome, they had fresh sandwiches, cakes, cold drinks, and freshly brewed coffee ready and waiting for us, which was outstanding! The team were extremely helpful, and all interested to know what we were doing, why, and showing genuine interest in us, which was excellent.

We had to split up from here though, with the WA contingent heading in to the City to check out the digs, and the SA contingent all heading for their respective homes. I had to drop in to Monkee Central, and pick up the rest of the fresh fruit stored there, get a load of laundry done, oh yes, and say hi to Dad too! This could only be a flying visit though, as we were meeting again at 6:00pm at Bocelli’s for tea, then most of us heading back to the Motel in the City for the night, before we hit the road again tomorrow morning, this time bound for Blanchetown!

Leaving the Skoda dealership was funny, as we had to drive passed the guys on Main North Road as they were heading in to the City. This was too good an opportunity to miss, so I wound down the window, leaned out, and started abusing these damn cyclists taking over our roads, getting in the way of us motorists etc! Well we saw the funny side of it in the car, the guys did too when they realised it was me doing all of the abusing!!

Dinner at Bocelli’s was at it’s customary standard, and to save on any fuss, I just ordered six family pizza’s for the table, and if people wanted anything different or special, well they had to arrange that themselves. This was an open invitation to whoever wanted to join us and meet the guys, which was excellent, as quite a few of the AC members did indeed join us for dinner, and may even still be out now? Who knows???

It’s now 12:10am, and I am starting to feel the desperate need for some sleep, before we head off on another big days cycling tomorrow, so I think I need to say goodnight all, and I will try to be less tardy with my updates tomorrow night!

keep the rubber side down,