Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me....

So going back in time one full day, which in the hectic life of a cyclist is a very long time, not to mention many seniors moments, that may or may not be the result of either a) Numerous head injuries from various cycling related accidents, or b) Copious amounts of alcohol and other fun things in a misspent youth.

The 23rd as Facebook told everyone, and for those who missed it on Facebook, one of my cycling friends riding with me currently told the crew we are riding with, is indeed the day of my birth. So, this day started with some small celebrations in our room, which was greatly appreciated, and I thought that would be it, well, apart from all of the fantastic messages on Facebook that kept on coming, even today with that whole time difference thing! But no, the word was shared with the whole team, so after breakfast, a team meeting was called, and we all gathered around for the instructions for the day.

Yes, this was a very subtle ruse, as of course the team had gone out and bought cakes, and a card, and we had a nice little singing session, followed by some awesome cake/s to fuel us up for the start of our ride. I elected to drive the support van today, and let Sarah have a day of riding in preparation for the Grand Slam this Sunday, and in return, Chewy would drive one of the other days.

Today saw the team riding from Pt Pirie to Pt Wakefield, and joining us in Pt Pirie, were a number of members of the local cycling club. This was an excellent turn out, with quite a number of guys taking time out to come and see us, and join us for part of our ride. As luck would have it, the Cycle for Hope guys have now been riding for over two weeks, with touch wood, no mechanical issues to speak of. So wouldn’t you know it, in over 2,500km’s, the first person to get a puncture was one of the Pt Pirie guys! A little further down the road, and Chewy threw a spoke, which meant a wheel change for him.

Port Wakefield Motel, well that was an eye opener! Every room was numbered 8! The only difference being each had an alpha character after the 8, so you knew which room was actually yours. The reason? The lasy owner designed it on the principles of Feng Shuey, where 8 is a lucky number! The gazebo was 8 sided, the table under it was 8 sided, and there were of course 8 chairs around the gazebo!

As we have been having difficulties with support drivers, Sarah & I had to jump into the luxury Skoda, to head back to Pirie to get the sports Skoda! Ah, it’s a tough life driving around in brand new Skoda’s! This was about a 250km round trip, so by the time we got back, it was well and truly time for some dinner, thus by the time dinner was done, it was just far too late to blog about the day.

I now find myself sitting at the computer at 11:40pm finishing off these notes about day 3, and day 4 has finished!

I really do need to say a massive thanks though to everyone for making my birthday so special, and I could not think of a much nicer way at the moment to celebrate it, than by being on the open road, with an awesome bunch of people, knowing that we are making a difference for other people out there.

Keep the rubber side down,