Cruisin' it, Monkee style

Well so ends Day 2 of the Monkees field trip with the Cycle for Hope team, ably escorted by Sarah & Chewy. Today was an awesome day for a ride, and saw us leaving Pt Augusta, (something that seems popular for people to do), and heading for Pt Pirie. The day started with a bit of a logistical problem, 3 cars, 1 driver. Mathematically, that was never going to work!

Luckily, the Motel owner had to head out on business, so he drove one of the Skoda’s for us to Pirie, and dropped it off at the Motel. Justin drove the other Skoda, and Chewy, Sarah and I took turns driving the Kia van. Not quite sure yet how we will work it for tomorrow!

The rideitself was fantastic though, we had the wind at our tail for the most part, which meant that we could keep up a fairly good average quite comfortably, and ended the day with an average of about 33km/h for the 90+km. Noice!

When we rocked in to the Motel at around 2ish, we desperately needed some lunch, so jumped on our bikes, (again), and rode to the local bakery for some awesome fresh salad rolls. Chatting with the owner, when she found out what we were doing, she gave us a BeeSting for some recovery food, and told us it was the best in the state, even better than Hahndorf Bakery. Well Deirdre from Baker Bears Pt Pirie, you were absolutely correct, that was one amazing BeeSting indeed, and disappeared in seconds!

Back at the Motel, it was time to decorate the second Skoda with all of the sponsors stickers! I think Brad & Sarah had a great time doing this job, maybe more so when they knew that I was responsible for that car, and any damage to it!! No, it looks fantastic guys, and you did an amazing job!

We’re still trying to get the word out for extra drivers, even if only for a day at a time, and still working to get these guys some recognition in SA for what they are doing. So to that end, I have been in touch with Keith Conlon again, and hopefully the morning show will give Brenton a call tomorrow morning, and dean Martin from WA will also speak to his breakfast radio crew about the ride, and promoting their efforts some.

While the team were decorating the car, I was “busy” chatting with the Head Chef, and lavishing gifts upon her for her kids, so tea tonight was a beautiful lamb roast with veggies, for $10! Bargain!

So now we are at the end of our first real riding day with the guys, and are all getting along like we have ridden together and known each other for ages, which is awesome! There are no egos to massage, no=one attempting to make break-aways, no-one getting upset because a rider might not be going fast enough for them, it is just a perfect working group, that are following a simple team plan, of keeping it tight, and keeping it under control. The passing maneuvers are well done, and completed safely, with a maximum rider width of three if the road conditions allow, but more often than not today, we were maximum width of two.

I should explain, the width of three riders is if we are riding in pairs, the front pair peel off right, and fall to the back single file down the line. If we are riding single file, again, the lead rider pulls out after about 3km’s, and falls back to the back of the line. These guys are achieving this well, and the new lead riders are not accelerating through, but maintaining the same speed and cadence! Perfection plus, and full points team!

Now it’s time to crash out though, as tomorrow will be a 130km day, and we still need to work out who is riding, and who is driving from us three domestiques!

Keep the rubber side down,