Just chilling, before we hit the bikes...

A few of us from the Adelaide Cyclist site have decided that this week is just far too nice to be at work, so have taken some time out from our normal routines, to join in with the guys from Perth, who are riding to Wentworth, for the Black Dog Institsute. TheMonkees have been joined by Sarah Buck and Robert Rau, and we have teamed up with Brenton, Terry and Brad from WA.

Yesterday the three of us drove out in an awesome Skoda SPV, a brand new vehicle, which had done less than 2,000kms in this years TDU, so is a fantastic vehicle to drive. We got to Pt Augusta with enough time to unload our bikes, slip into our kit, and hightail it out of Pt Augusta to catch up with the guys, and lead them back in.

We had a fantastic night last night at the Motel first, with many welcome beers as an ice breaker, then down to the Hotel for a great feed of pasta, a few more drinks and lots of laughs, then back to the Motel to crash out, ready for a day out on the road!

These guys have already done 2,400kms, and have about another 900kms to go to get to Wentworth, so Robert & I will stick with them from here to the end, but sadly Sarah has to return to work later in the week, so we will be leaving her in Adelaide.

I hate to tell all you mad keen cyclists out there who are sitting in your workplaces maybe reading this, but we have superb weather here in Pt Augusta this morning, and we also have two BOXES of bananas! Yep, these guys sure know how to stage a ride!

Well, if I don’t get out of my chill out mode soon and kit up, I think I will be time trialling all the way to Pirie to catch them!

Keep the rubber side down,