Sorry folks, been flat out in Monkee Central

I’m not quite sure what happened to time of late, but it seems that the more spare time I should have now, I now no longer have any spare time. As they say, “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like bananas.”

So for the benefit of old age, I shall work backwards from this weekend, where at least I shall have some chance of remembering what took place!

Sunday afternoon, a new Facebook identity called Bike Dork, together with Treadly, staged an awesome event in an old disused warehouse in the City, basically for fixie riders to come in and show off their skills. On board were a couple of DJ’s spinning some tunes, and Burger Theory dishing out some of their finest foods. There are some very clever riders out there, willing to risk limbs to show off for their mates. Events included can jumps, skidding contest, foot down contests, and they even had a game of basketball going when I left.

The can jump was a polo mallet handle balanced on top of a couple of cans, to provide a hurdle for riders to jump over, but one that would be easily knocked down. Some of the guys really knew how to bunny hop, others knew how to ride straight into the hurdle! The skid competition was a skid starting at one end of the warehouse, and you had to judge it to finish in a small target area at the other end! This was hugely funny, aspecially in the warm ups, where some had so much pace on, they kept skidding all the way out the other door! One dud was even skidding in to the target zone no hands, very clever indeed! The foot down contest is exactly that, all riders in a confined and shrinking circle, circling, and not allowed to put their foot down, or they’re out. Some interesting tactics involved in that one.

Earlier that day, Dadman and I went out to see Shorty for her 13th Birthday. We’d gone halves in a XBox Kinnect bundle for her, plus I had some other pressies for her, like any good Dad would who is missing their kid! Shorty and I set the Kinnect up, so that she could start practicing with it now, before her actual party and having some friends over. (Since I left her Mum, I am out of the friend category, so not allowed over on her actual birthday. Fair enough I guess.) If you have not played with a Kinnect, I think you might want to! I am not a gamer, but even I was thinking how much fun some of the games on these units could be!

Saturday I was torn! Not literally, that would be just stupid! There was CX racing in the City that I could have gone and watched, or get some miles in my legs ready for me to join in with the Cycle for Hope Team. Well the day was too nice, and the Masi was calling me, so I had to head out for a spin instead. It was a fantastic day out on the bike, went to West Beach via the River Torrens Linear Park, out to Outer harbour, back to Henley Beach, where a detour was made to head to Cafe De Vili for some lunch with Belinda, before heading in to the City to stop in at the Treadly shop. I’d been in to treadly the week before, and spotted a rainbow bike that I had the perfect pedals for, so I took them in and gave them to Sam, as they will look much better on the bike than the white ones that were on it! Of course while i was there, I had to do just a little bit of shopping…….

Saturday night saw me tearing into the city again on the Masi, with the new Fyxation white walls fitted, and sporting a rather nice Creux t-shirt! The original tyres on the Masi were fats, so I wanted to drop down to 23mm, and hopefully gain some speed advantage, which of course it did! So a minor feeding session in Cibo, saw me develop a bit of a thirst of course, so where does one go when they wish to just consume beer in a relaxed, friendly, non judgemental environment, with the added benefit of live music? The Wheaty of course! Was a great night for chilling on a couch, and was entertained first by Dig, then by Mobiustrips, made more special by the fact this was the last night Mobiustrips would be playing, and I managed to score a free cd of their music!

So all up, a pretty eventful weekend, and one that saw me out of Monkee Central for much of the weekend!