August 6 – 27, 2011
Perth WA to Wentworth (Merbein) NSW

Cycle for Hope

The “Cycle for Hope” challenge will commence in Perth on August 6 taking in 22 daily stages, comprising distances of between 90km – 190km per stage, depending on the towns, their location and isolation. The crossing of the WA/SA border (stage 10), then the Nullabor Plain (stage 11) will be both a highlight and a challenge. Then it’s onto Port Augusta and down the gulfs to Adelaide. The journey will take in 3 more stages and finish in Wentworth (Merbein), NSW, on August 27th. A small team will undertake the entire journey with additional cyclists joining in for their local individual stages.

So why are the Monkees beating their drum about this one? Well, it just so happens that the key outcome areas of the Black Dog Institute are one of the areas that I support, so I will be showing my support by joining in for some of the stages of this ride. Having a strong association with depression in my family, and still being treated for it myself, I kind of have to be out there really!

You can show your support, by joining in for a few of the stages, or just by riding with the team along one of their stages. You might be living in a regional area, and want to join in for a bit of a ride, or like myself, living in Adelaide, and trying to work out how you can get out to meet them, and ride with them for a few days.

If you are interested in this ride, email me at, and I will pass your details on. If you would like to be a product sponsor for this event in some way, I am sure that I could take some details from you and pass them on to the organiser.

Some of the things that they may be needing help with are more of the logistical side. For practical reasons, they can not carry everything with them that they need for the 3 weeks, so they are having gear dropped off at different key locations. For example, if you lived in Adelaide, and had a transport company heading to Pt August for the 20th or 21st August, there may be supplies that could be transported by you, such as water, or sports drinks etc.

If you wanted to donate some cash, as they do have a target of $50,000 to raise, then by all means, send your contact details to me, and I can pass them on to the organiser.

I have included below a schedule of the ride, so that you can have a fair idea of where the team will be, and when. For mine, I would love to be able to meet them at Pt Augusta, and ride with them to the finish, but this may not be able to happen, and I may have to return to Adelaide sooner. But all the same, I will be there to support their cause for as long as I can!

It would be awesome if maybe the Gawler Wheelers could meet us on the ride from Pt Wakefield, or some of the other AC’ers meet us en route, and escort us! I have to tell you, some of this team may be sick of each others company by this stage, and looking for new people to chat with!!

If you can join in, or help in some way, we’d love to hear from you!

Stage Day Date Start to Finish km
1 Saturday 6-Aug Perth to Cunderdin 156.4
2 Sunday 7-Aug Cunderdin to Merredin 103.3
3 Monday 8-Aug Merredin to Southern Cross 108.1
4 Tuesday 9-Aug Southern Cross to Coolgardie (Kalgoorlie) 186.5
5 Wednesday 10-Aug Kalgoorlie to Widgiemooltha 113.4
6 Thursday 11-Aug Widgiemooltha to Norseman 92.7
7 Friday 12-Aug Norseman to Balladonia 193
8 Saturday 13-Aug Balladonia to Caiguna 182
9 Sunday 14-Aug Caiguna to Madura 157
10 Monday 15-Aug Madura to Border Village 191
11 Tuesday 16-Aug Border Village to Nullarbor 186
12 Wednesday 17-Aug Nullabor to Nundroo 144
13 Thursday 18-Aug Nundroo to Ceduna 151.4
14 Friday 19-Aug Ceduna to Poochera 138.9
15 Saturday 20-Aug Poochera to Kimba 172.5
16 Sunday 21-Aug Kimba to Pt Augusta 156.6
17 Monday 22-Aug Pt Augusta to Pt Pirie 90.9
18 Tuesday 23-Aug Pt Pirie to Pt Wakefield 127.9
19 Wednesday 24-Aug Pt Wakefield to Adelaide 97.5
20 Thursday 25-Aug Adelaide to Blanchetown 138.1
21 Friday 26-Aug Blanchtown to Renmark 119.9
22 Saturday 27-Aug Renmark to Wentworth 151

Cycle for Hope jersey