The Monkees had an awesome Monday out playing with virgins...

Wow, another great weekend in Adelaide for cycling and catching up with good friends, and meeting new ones!

Friday night was a mad dash to the supermarket on the way home from the office to pick up supplies to throw a meal together for Dad & I. Running late leaving the office meant everything was done in a rush, and there was a lot to get done Friday night, so that I could free time for lots of riding over the weekend. So tea, dishes, and two loads of washing done, was the exciting start to the weekend!

Saturday morning saw Sarah, Dave & I on our Masi fixies, accompanied by Sue on her mtb, and Juz on her new Orbea roadie. We’ve only been playing on fixies for a couple of days, so it was great for all of us to get together for a group ride. Juz’s roadie needed some professional adjustment by the group, for whatever reason, she had been set up to ride too high, therefore putting unnecessary pressure on her knee. Height adjusted and we were away!

We decided that pancakes at West Beach would be the go, so we set off along the River Torrens to make it a bit easier for Juz, and keep her off the roads for a bit longer to get used to the new bike. Having ridden along there a few times now, I am pretty used to where some of the more nasty bumps are, which can be pretty tricky on a fixie, given that you can’t freewheel over them! One of these caught Dave by surprise, and as he was not clipped in, or using rat traps, his feet came off the pedals, and he straddled the cross bar!

Somehow he managed to get his feet under him, and being Converses with flat soles, he was able to basically skate along, and just before preparing to do a shoulder roll, managed to pull the bike up. Crisis averted thankfully! The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, I went for a bit of a cx spin across the rough, so i could get in front of the group to take some photos, and on the way through, saw Gemma & her husband coming from the other way! Ahh Adelaide, just a big country town really. So from pancakes we decided we needed another coffee, and took off for the Bay.

Europa was the destination this time, via the Coast Park, where we were visited by a large contingent of the VLCC team. Nice to catch up with some of these guys again, with the usual question of why aren’t I racing, and when am I coming back? They don’t quite understand how I could not want to race anymore, when I did ok at it! I just don’t have the same fire in the belly for racing that those guys do, I did it, I enjoyed it, but now i really like my social riding, where i get to mix with some amazing awesome and inspiring people!

Saturday afternoon was lunch with my Sister from another Mister, Belinda, my fellow Happy Shacker from the Square2Square ride. It was another nice feed at Bocelli’s, and yes, this seems to be my second home at the moment! Always nice to have a catch up with Belinda, and chat about what we have been up to.

Saturday night was the Belgian Beer cafe with the Adelaide Cyclist crew, and what a fantastic night it was too! Dinner was an awesome peppered roo dish, but the highlight of course has to be the beer on offer! Be it by the bottle, or on tap, they have an excellent selection of very nice beers. I was a little disappointed this time though that we did not have the waitresses taking care of us like the last time I was there. The last time, every beer we ordered was professionally poured by the waitresses, who had all competed in Belgian Beer pouring comps!

The beer was going down so well, and the music was good, so after the last of the AC crew left, I decided it was time to head to that wonderful place, PJ O’Briens! I’ve been here a few times before, the music is always pretty good, the drinks are reasonably priced, and no entry fee! The only real problem? with this place, is that it is such a pick up joint!! Not sure why, but some people really can’t get that you are just there to quietly drink yourself into oblivion, and listen to the music. In typical me fashion though, I stepped in a few times when the occasional guy was being inappropriate in their behaviour to the girls.

Always funny, many assume that I am either a bouncer there off duty and having a drink, or a couple of times I was asked if I was the minder for a group of girls that were partying near where I was, as they asked for help a couple of times to move some guys on! Some guys are quite amazing when they have been drinking, as I am sure we all can be! One feller had set his eyes on a young lady, who was already being accompanied by a couple of guys, who was so far out of his league, it was not funny! I think he was very lucky to get away with his multiple attempts at some weird sort of flirtation, as one of the guys could have been quite dangerous for this fellers health!

By about 4am, I started to feel a bit tired for some reason, could have been something to do with only a few hours sleep the night before, and attempting to drink my body weight in beer again! I ventured out in to the freezing night air for a walk, thinking I may fluke a bus home, but opted instead for a taxi before hypothermia set in! This of course, was after a brief stop at HJ’s for something to munch on, a decision I regretted immediately! Bleugh, that stuff blows!

Monday was the AC Virgin’s Ride, where Sue G had organised a ride up Nortons for AC members who had not tackled this climb before! This was a fantastic idea, and the ride was well attended by virgins and experienced riders joining in in support. It was great to see some of these people take on this challenge, and reach a goal that they thought was previously unachievable. The ride took us up Nortons, across to Marble Hill rd, down Montecute Road, and back to Cafe Bravo for coffee. What a great morning.

Then we decided we needed lunch, so we mounted up again, and went to Bocelli’s for lunch. Who knew huh? Lunch done, Sarah and I took another ride just to burn off our lunch, and stretch the legs out a bit more.

So all up, another massive weekend, surrounded by awesome friends, who continue to make every day special, and help me continue moving down this path.