Roller Monkey? Say no more....

So, yet another massive weekend in the life of the Monkees, full of the stuff that I like to do!

Friday saw me doing the unusual, and taking a day off from the factory, up until recently I have been quite the workaholic, and not taking any time off. This allowed me to clear up some of my floordrobe at Chateau Ancestra, and move stuff around so that I can now walk in to my room without fear of falling over something, and it also means I am no longer living out of a suitcase.

An earlier blog from me was discussing my love of bike porn, and a stunning looking fixie that Michael from Standish Cycles Mile End was chatting to me about. It was not in stock at the time, as the last of the “on sale” models that I was after were sadly sold out that morning, with the last one being packaged off to Sydney! Whilst Dad & I were having lunch, michale called to say that they had taken delivery of the Masi that I was lusting after, & that they had one assembled and on the shop floor if I wanted to check her out in the flesh.

Well, not being keen on bicycles, I went straight down there, took one look at it, and ended up riding it home. What can I say? Being the keen cyclist, I always carry a spare helmet in the boot, just in case I see a bike I want to ride! I must say though, Michael did an excellent job for me, would recommend him to anyone interested in a bike, and they have a wide range too, covering all tastes in cycling!

Friday night saw us head to the track again, to cheer on Chewie, Gemma, and pretty much anyone else who we felt like calling out for. Was a great night out, always good to catch up with Bec, Mark & Steve, and of course Anya was there with Dale, so lovely to chat with her too all things fancy dress!

I am at this point still quite undecided what the highlight of the weekend was, but Saturday night was Roller Derby at Wayville, with the Mile Die Club taking on the Salty Dolls. Sadly for Bonnie Boneshaker and her team of superstars, the Salty Dolls whipped the MDC, despite the very best efforts of Bonnie, including a couple of double grand slams! I again managed to snag a spot up on the top row of the bleachers, so had a great overall view of the floor again, and yes, managed to take a few happy snaps. I loaded just over 100 to the SmudgeMonkees Facebook page.

The Grand Final will be in July, and we will be barracking for the Salty Dolls at this one, so expect to be dressing up again, this time with the nautical theme, may even just keep it simple and go with pirate! (If only I still had my old Sea Scouts uniform!!) I should say, these events are fantastic, not just for the sheers spectacle of the sport, but also the opportunity to have some real relaxed fun in a great crown, and get a little bit dressed up.

Each time I am going, I am getting to understand the rules and the tactics that bit better, and you really have to admire not just the skating skills of these gladiators on eight wheels, but their strength and agility too. There were some big hits happening out there, and in the main, the girls were bouncing straight back up and getting back in to it.

Sunday it was time to really discover what riding fixed wheel was all about, and deciding somewhat belatedly I guess, whether it would really be for me. For whatever reason, I had asked Michael to set the bike up fixed, not single speed with the free wheel. Given that it has a flip flop hub, if I ever do decide I want to do some free-wheeling, it’s pretty easy just to rip the wheel off and flip it around.

Thought for my first foray on fixed, I would just head to the Brickworks Markets for a coffee, and have a bit of a browse around, and see what was there. So initially, it took me a little while to get used to the rat traps I currently have on, particularly getting my left foot in the cage after taking off! Just a matter of getting the technique right to flip the pedal at the right angle and speed so that my foot slips straight in. Narrower shoes may help, my NewBalance running shoes are fairly wide!

The ride was awesome! Such great fun. I had a roadie come passed me as I was dancing with the pedal trying to get my foot in, who of course totally dissed me! So, with foot securely strapped in, I Cat 6’ed him, and sat on his wheel for a while, quite effortlessly. This bike runs so quiet, as we were riding along, he saw me in the reflection of a shop window, and was quite startled to see me there!

I loved riding it so much, I stayed on the bike for the rest of the day, rode through the City, around the parks, out to lunch, and eventually made my way home to Chateau Ancestra after a fantastic day. I think I was a little dehydrated by the end of the day too, I was enjoying the outing so much, I pretty much forgot to drink most of the day! Oops!

So, fixed is not just a fashion statement, it really is a shite load of fun, so much so, that I am even back to riding to work again! Well, why not, none of those messy gears to worry about, and you only have to use the brakes for complete stops, and even that I guess will only remain that way til I learn to ride it better! (To learn how to trackstand and risk faceplanting like a tosser, or continue my current methods……)

So for now, it is back to the factory for a week of jam packed thrills and adventure in the wonderful world of numbers!

Just received an email from the wonderful folk at Redbak, who will be sending me some cookie love! Mmmmm, cookies… Will be sharing these around the gym/running/cycling crew on the front line at the factory! Thanks Redbak!!