So soon? Monday, I am not a fan.

This saw the first weekend of Smudge relocating back to Chateau Ancestra, and sharing house with Dad. Well, it’s been a long time since I lived with my parentals, possibly longer than some of you have been walking upright, but he welcomed me home. It’s working out well so far, and we are getting along well. Thankfully he had kept the family home and not sold it, which meant I could move back in to my old room, and have my own bathroom, whilst he remains in the master bedroom, and has his ensuite. We’re doubly lucky in the there are two lounge rooms and two dining rooms, meaning if I decided I wanted to watch something on tv, or just need some space, I could head in to the other lounge!

Friday night I made him a nice pasta bolognase, and topped it with mozarella cheese. Well that was a sight to behold. He had cheese strings going everywhere, and even though he said I dished out too much for him, that he can’t eat like he used to, etc, there was nothing left in his bowl. I’ll take that as a sign of appreciation!

Saturday would have been mum’s 71st birthday, and due to dad being unwell last weekend, we had deferred celebrating my sister’s birthday until Saturday, so sort of a double celebration? Dad & I thought we might take her somewhere nice for lunch, and as we were driving from the City, she asked if she could pick? Well why not kiddo, it was your birthday after all! So she chose Cafe de Villi! Well, being a fan of pies and cream cakes, who was I to object??? That place is always busy, and you will often see Villi in there, this time, he was the fry cook!

After lunch, Dad & I drove to the trailer park so I could collect the Beast for a ride Sunday. This bike is too big to fit in the car, so I jumped a train, and went and played in the City for a while, and spent some of the time at Elder Park listening to a bagpipe band practice! Hmm, a little unconventional for me I know, but I guess lots of things are changing in my life at the moment!

I caught up with my Sister from another Mister, Belinda, on Saturday night for tea. Of course we had to go to Bocclli’s, having spent so much time going there during the preparations for Square2Square. They still do an awesome pizza, which we split, as well as splitting a dessert. The beauty of being family, is we don’t mind sharing. The only thing missing was our Brother from another Mother, Blighty, and the Happy Shack would have been complete! Nice just catching up for a couple of hours, relaxing over a meal.

Sunday was the biggie! Cameras were charged, bike was ready, yes, the UniTramps were coming home! If you have not been following their progress, and reading their blogs, or just in case you missed them in the paper or on Sunrise, Suede and Smanna have just ridden from Darwin to Adelaide. Now this is no mean feat. I am unsure yet what the total distance they travelled was, but it would be between 3,200 and 3,500km’s. It is important to note that their ride was made on unicycles! Not your clown sized uni with a little wheel, these are big wheeled uni’s, and capable of a fair speed. But even so, it just has one wheel.

Now our group did Square2Square with one support vehicle, 1,100km’s, and we thought we were travelling light, especially when compared to other groups we caught up with during the ride, and after it. These guys did their epic adventure unsupported. They had no official support vehilce, but relied on the awesomeness of the Australian population across the centre. This worked out so well for them, there were times they were given food, other times they got free accommodation, or sometimes when they were really desperate for some assistance, they even managed to get a lifet with someone.

So a large group of us gathered at the Rotunda Elder Square, and welcomed them home in to the City, then joined with them on a ride to the Bay. Yep, they had just ridden over 3,000km’s, and what did they want to do? Go for a ride and get coffee!!! This was a fantastic eclectic mix of cycles and cyclists, from the conventonal roadie, to a clown convention of uni’s, to a tall bike, which is one frame welded on top of another! It always feels fantastic when you ride with these guys, as the rides are generally at a relaxed pace, and the atmosphere is always party time. Unusually for me I know, but I took a lot of photos of the ride we did with them, and have dropped them on to the SmudgeMonkees Facebook page.

So, another fantastic weekend was had, with lots of fun and adventure, and next weekend looks like being even bigger again, with the PACC Track night Friday night, Roller Derby Saturday night, and so many other things yet to be told to me I guess!

Keep the rubber side down!