Hmm, a sad day in the Monkee's life

A new day has dawned, and some deep deep emotions that have been building up have finally all bubbled to the surface, and the Monkee’s have revolted.

There has been much general unhappiness for many years now, and many occasions where the thought processes were taking me to dark places from which there was no return. The options are always there for someone prepared to take that final ride, and has learned from the experiences of others how things are done, and done right.

It felt as if my only choices were down to either taking that last ride, or move out. So thinking that there is still much work to be done out there, that perhaps I still do have some value to add, I packed my swag and have moved back in to the ancestral home in Lockleys. Dad has been here by himself for a few years now, so he will appreciate the company, (I hope!), or failing that, we will be two grumpy old men together!

We have survived our first evening together, and I have put some things away in my old room, but most of my things I think will just remain in the cases at the moment. Who knows, he might kick me out before I get a chance to fully unpack, I do tend to snore pretty loud! Oh, just thought, wonder if his dog will start barking at my snoring??? Hmm, that could be challenging!

Tomorrow will see a day of housework, shopping, and sorting a few more issues out. There is much left unresolved and unanswered, but it will all get worked out I am sure. There are others out there with much larger and more pressing issues than mine.

I am hoping I will be able to speak with my daughter soon, and hope that she does not hate me too much for this. Perhaps in time when she is older, she will be able to reflect on this period, and understand why I had to make this decision.

Until next time I put banana to parchment, I bid you all well,

Keep the rubber side down,