Mmm, bananas & red wine.

So a new day dawns, and things begin to happen.

After a slow start to the day as we had a contractor out to the house doing some work for Dad, I finally got going and picked up a few of my bikes, and relocated them to the Chateau Ancestral. I have one more to collect that I will need in the short term, being the big cruiser, that just won’t fit in to a car, so will have to either be ridden back, or jump a train. Hmm, whack a few lights on it and take it to the drome maybe?

I cleared a bit of my floordrobe up, which means that I just shuffled some of the bags around, so that I can walk in and out without risking life and limb!

I took Dad to the supermarket this afternoon, so that I could buy some groceries to tide us over for the next few days. Having him with me meant I could make sure that the ideas I had in mind, would be ok for his stomach. Being a two time bowel cancer survivor, and just a little bit senior, he has to be careful what he eats. So tea tonight was sirloin steak, mashed spuds, peas, beans, carrots, broccoli and mash. I forgot to get some gravies, but luckily I had bought some barbecue sauce, so we used that.

Tea prepped, cooked, eaten, and dishes done all in an hour, so that we can retire to the lounge and be bedazzled by the scintillating entertainment on offer! Dad was stoked with his first home cooked meal in forever, and said if I keep cooking like that, i can stay as long as I want! Noice.

So, a list begins of the things we need to make domestic life just that bit easier for me, given that tomorrow I have to head back to work, and the long hours return!

Mum would be pleased that there is some cooking going on in her kitchen again, she loved to cook, and we loved to eat what she cooked!