Umm, what happened again?

Well I guess it is testament to the awesomeness of the weekend that it has taken me until now to drop some thoughts down about the weekend!

To say it was action packed, racked and stacked, and way fun, could be an understatement!

Friday night I passed up on an offer for drinkages with the boys, choosing instead to take a gamble and head to the Drome. Now, when I had rung the week before, whoever answered the phone said there would be no novice nights for a couple of weeks due to races being booked there. So, riding from Woodville to Gepps Cross, I managed to get three flats on the rear tyre, and somehow when blowing one tube whilst taking the Hanson Rd Grand Junction Rd at some pace, I managed to trash the bearings in the rear hub too.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the Drome, and instead of there being Seniors there racing, it was novice night! Massive grrrr on my part, as I really was not prepped for hitting the track for whatever mental reason arose, so instead chose to sit in the middle of the track, and watch the novices do their thing. Some of them were pretty good, and have obviously done these novice nights a few times before, others were obviously quite new to it.

As is always the case for me at a cycling event, there was someone there that I knew, a young lad i had met originally at the TDU with Nathan Ross, and his dad, David. Always great to meet new people, especially those interested in cycling!

The track does look like some fun, sitting on the inside with very few other people around, gives you a better idea of how large the track really is. I guess the appeal is no cars, no pot holes, no wind, and no traffic lights. The downside though, is that it would be a bit like the episode of the Goodies when they were lighthouse keepers, and everything was round. That would be it, just riding round, and round, and round, and, well, I think you get the idea of track. Still, that does not mean that I won’t have a crack soon!

Saturday, I had already wisely decided not to do a return ride to Clare, but instead had decided on a nice easy flat ride. So thankfully Friday’s trouble was on the Felt, meaning Saturday I still had the Leggera to take out and play. It was a bit of a slow start for me, and I had planned on dropping in to Victoria Square to see the guys off, but as I was passing Adelaide Childrens Hospital heading in, they were heading out! So there went that idea! I still went to Victoria Square though, where I had the dubious honour of seeing a dude taking a bath in the fountain! Only in Adelaide huh? It wasn’t long after and the Police came along to have a chat with him, or maybe just to drop off a loofa?

So it was off to the Bay, a spin down to Outer Harbour and back to the Bay for coffee at Cibo where I bumped in to Claude and David again. I seem to catch up with Claude every couple of weeks out on the road. We were so lucky with the weather, whilst it was windy, at least we only had a scattering of drops of rain!

Saturday afternoon the snap decision was made in about 15 minutes that I would head up to Clare to catch up with the guys who rode up there. Well we found them, and I must say, they looked pretty smashed from the massive ride up there. Apparently Adelaide to Gawler was not too bad, but from there to Clare was a head wind for them, and with only three in the group, it was a pretty tough ride. We could not believe that the Clare Hotel was booked out for tea, and we had to wander around to find something to eat.

Sunday was meant to be a catch up with Dad, but he was unwell, so we had to take a rain check on that. Instead I went to the Port Adelaide Cycling Club Cross Country race, and took lots of photographs of the superstars racing around the park lands. This is a fantastic event, extremely well organised, and a great spectator event too! It would be fantastic to see more people down there to watch it, so maybe if we promote it a little bit for them, we can get more heading down there. If you’re interested in some of the photos, check out the Smudge Monkees Facebook Page.

If you’re not sure what a CX race is, take a kick ass bike race that is done on minimal paved surfaces, but is instead done on grass, sand, mud, (if it’s wet!), there’s hurdles they have to jump over whilst carrying their bikes, bunted off tight turn areas, a steep climb that only some of the A graders could ride up, everyone else had to dismount and either walk or run up, as well as the descent on the other side of it, and lots of cheering fans. This time they even had a coffee van there! Sadly though, the queue was too long for me, as I wanted to take photos of the action, so I took a photo of the van, and went back out on to the track!

It’s always great to get to some of these events, and catch up with people that I have known for years, as well as making new friends which is always nice. It was great to see Stu again, as I have not caught up with him in ages. Stu still remembers the rainbow warrior bike that I used to ride in the old Cobwebs days, that would absolutely fly. This memory was sparked by Paul Z’s rainbow bike. It was also awesome of Anna Meares to come over and say hi, it’s always nice to catch up with her. It was a cack for me when Sarah B rocked up, as I had the pleasure of introducing a Gold Medallist to a World Champion! (Sarah had won her first TT event that morning, and got a gold medal. As the only rider in that age group, it was guaranteed she would get the gold, but that doesn’t matter, as Anna said to her, gold is gold!!!)

Bonnie Bone Shaker had earlier in the week sent an invitation to the Rollerderby on Sunday afternoon, and whilst at the PACC CX race, jim and BJ said that they would be heading down there to cheer the girls on. So with nothing else to do, I decided that that could be a fun way to spend an afternoon. How right was I!!! Rollerderby is this crazy sport, of girls in skates and some wild costumes, skating around a small rink, with the object being to get one skater through the ranks of blockers, and doing laps without being knocked down. How great is that? These girls are all paded up of course, and all wearing helmets, but even so, this is a contact sport, between both the other players, and the hard concrete floor they play on!

The event was awesome, they had a live band playing, as well as pre-recorded music of course, and some entertaining commentators on the spectacle. Again, if you would like to see some photos of this, they have been added to the Smudge Monkees Facebook Page too! I really must review the Smudge Monkees Flickr page, and update that with more images too!

So, by Monday morning, I was indeed a tired monkey, but by crikey, it was a fantastic weekend, surrounded by some amazing people!

What will next weekend hold for Smudge? I’m not sure yet, but somehow I do not think it will be as action packed as this one was!