Fixie riding Monkee Style!

So last night saw the first of what will hopefully be a regular series of track racing nights staged by the Port Adelaide Cycling Club, (PACC), at the Adelaide SuperDrome. If you don’t know the SuperDrome, it’s on Main North Rd, Gepps Cross, that unusual looking building that looks a bit like an albino cockroach!

I hadn’t been to the SuperDrome since the Oceania’s, but there was a bit of chatter about the event on Adelaide Cyclists, with a couple of the regular riders planning on going for a look, so i thought why not.

So taking my life in my own hands again, I braved the main North road, and only almost got wiped out once by a ute deciding that they needed to overtake me to turn left in front of me to get petrol. I guess he must have missed the red flashing light mounted on the rear stay, or the one on the saddle bag, or the one on the back pack, and that one on the helmet, well, who’d look that high anyway? The next risky move was cutting across two lanes of Main North Rd to turn in to the SuperDrome! But I made it!

I have only ever been there before for larger events, so when I rocked up, and the front car park was in darkness, the ramp was in darkness, and there appeared to be minimal lighting in the drome, I thought I must have been running on Jim Woods or Maria time! But I rode up to the doors and notice one was open, then went to the end of the ramp to see that those in the know had all parked out the back near the rear rider entrance. Makes sense I guess!

As I was setting myself up for an evening’s entertainment, Dallas came up and introduced himself and welcomed me to the evening, which was much appreciated, and demonstrated once again, just how friendly the PACC really is. I can certainly see why this club is growing in numbers from the Adelaide Cyclists community.

It was awesome to see the stands “filled” with members of the Adelaide Cyclists site, all there to support our own Robert “Chewie” Rau, out there on the track for his very first race. Chewie did amazingly well on his first race, even picking up five points on one of the sprint laps, and keeping pace with these more experienced track cyclists. Graham Zucker made special mention of Chewies supporters in the stands at one stage, it was pretty obvious that he had the largest supporter base there. That could be also because there were maybe only five or six other people in the stands who didn’t know Chewie!

Chewie acknowledges his supporters on taking out the five sprint points!

Chewie acknowledges his supporters on taking out the five sprint points!

I had a few disappointments on the night though, that really deserve special mention, and I trust that the club will do something to fix these issues by the next race. The first was that the keys were missing from the motorbike for the keiran, and surprisingly for a club from Port Adelaide, no-one knew how to hotwire it? Maybe if we put a Commodore badge on it it may have helped? The second disappointment was that with the motorbike out of action, a suggestion was made that the keiran be run Japanese style. My mind immediately runs to a monkey on a bike leading the cyclists around the track. But I was wrong, it was actually David riding his bike in front of the group.

Cycling events rely heavily on the support of volunteers, so it was great to see Robin who I had the pleasure of working with at the Oceanias, Anya registering the riders, “Bling” as guest referee, as well as all of the others who put this great event together.

Seeing Chewie out there having such a great time, and knowing that Bec & Rob W are also going to be out there carving it up, I am really starting to feel the need to join in on a Friday night novice session. Now Gemma, that does not necessarily mean I want to race, but it does mean that this is another form of cycling I would like to try. The idea of a closed circuit, no cars, no wind, no rain, all holds an added appeal to me. That, and of course the opportunity to add another beasty to the stable!

Well done PACC on organising another great event, this one run well also, and great to see that there were no crashes, and better that there were no injuries.

Keep the rubber side down,


Photos of the night can be found on the SmudgeMonkees Facebook page.