So, after looking at all these new single and fixed gear bikes getting around, and so many people having fun playing on them, the urge has finally got the better of me.

I’ve had an old Giessauf wreck hanging on the shed wall for a while now, and an old yellow Malvern Star bike that I picked up from hard waste. So over the last few weeks as time and mood has allowed, I have stripped everything off of the Malvern Star, and started salvaging from the Giessauf. So all that is left of the Malvern Star is frame & forks, & I’m still not sure about the forks! This frame is so old, that the rear stays bolt to the frame, not welded.

The Giessauf is giving up its old Mavic wheels, Shimano brakes front & rear, hopefully the cranks & the Cinelli bars. Still waiting in the shed are some hardly used Look cleats, that were bought specifically to match the Giessauf. Will be interesting to see how rainbow coloured cleats look on the completed bike!

As I am using the old wheels for a start from the Giessauf, this will be a freewheel hub still, I will see how I get on riding a single, as I do like my gears on my road bikes! If I like it enough, Noel’s suggestion is to just buy another wheel with a flip flop hub for the fixed gear bike.

Luckily I have a mess of tyres hanging on the shed wall that I can throw on to the result, but just thinking now, unless I want to get a sore butt, I will also need to buy another saddle, as I don’t have any more left! Hmm, do I buy a new saddle for the Felt, and put the Specialized on to the Result? Hmm, will need to ponder this some more…..