Smudge Monkees, is a newly registered trademark that I have set up. I am not sure what it is going to be used for yet, but I have some rough ideas of where I want to go.

At the moment, I kind of like the idea of t-shirts, that are generally cycling related, or monkey related, or if possible and for maximum effect, both bikes and monkeys! I have started with a few for myself, and will see where I want to take them. I also have a contact who makes awesome cycling caps and musettes, @RocketFuelStyle, so I may look to working with her too on some unique items.

I also like to take photos, and have recently purchased a Canon 500D so that I can capture even better quality images at cycling events, along with my little Olympus that I always carry on the bikes with me. I took it to the Boxing Day Crits at Glenelg, and in a very short space of time, had over 1,000 images!

During the week of the Tour Down Under, I took literally thousands of images with the new camera, some of them were just scenery that I liked, some were the podium girls who everyone likes, but most of them surprisingly enough, were of professional cyclists!

I have quite a number of them added to my Facebook site, and as time allows, I will add some here too.

This site will develop slowly, as I am also updating other sites currently, particularly the Square2Square site!

Ok, for now, my opening spiel is done, time to read up and work out how to turn this in to a website that will appeal to others, and not just me!